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The foundation requires churches to submit an application describing the church, its community and the proposed project.

In order to begin the application process, send a letter briefly describing your church, your community and your proposed project, including an estimate of the total project cost (in US dollars) and the amount of the grant you would request. Also briefly describe what the church would contribute to the the project.

At the present time, proposal letters, applications and reports must be submitted in English.

Letters describing proposed projects should be sent to: proposals@jfaultless.org.

If the proposed project appears to meet our guidelines, the staff will send you an application form that will request more detailed information.

If the foundation approves a grant based on an application, the church must enter into a formal written grant contract between it and the foundation before the grant is funded.

Grant recipients are required to provide timely detailed reports of grant expenditures and evaluations of project success.