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Rwanda is a country of stark contrasts. It is a country of great natural beauty and of deep poverty. The world knows Rwanda as the site of horrific genocide, a place of death, despair and darkness.

But it is now also a place of great hope. Tutsis and Hutus are working together for reconciliation and with the hope of improving the lives of all Rwandans. Local churches are strong and vibrant.

The foundation has made grants in support of group homes for orphaned children in and around Kigali, the nation's capital city. These Christian homes provide loving care in a family setting for children who would otherwise have no family.

The children in these homes have new hope for their future -- and we have new hope for the future of Rwanda.

The foundation has also supported the establishment of a child-headed village under the supervision of the Anglican church in Ruhengeri. This village has provided a safe place for orphaned children to live and learn and grow.

The foundation has also made grants in support of microenterprise centers--a sewing center and a copy shop in Kigali provide training and jobs for young men and women, each of whom is a genocide survivor.