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The foundation seeks to support the local church as the church reaches out in ways that it thinks will effectively help those who are poor and powerless, such as the widow and the orphan.

Our goal is to bring glory and honor to the name of Jesus Christ by providing financial and consulting support to local churches as they seek to serve those who are the "least among us." 

The foundation makes grants of US $1000 to US $5000 to churches that have developed concrete and specific projects designed to serve the poorest in their communities. We encourage churches to submit projects for less than our maximum grant amount.

We are open to considering various types of projects. For example, one church might propose to build or repair a house for a widow or a single mother; another might hope to purchase sewing machines for women who want to start their own businesses; yet another might plan to provide food, or tutoring, or to pay for apprenticeships. We desire to help churches experiment in their efforts to work with the poor. One of our objectives is to provide help for many different types of projects in many different geographic locales each year.

We look for strong commitment from the church to its project in two ways. First, the church must commit its energy and attention to see the project through to completion. Second, it must commit its some of its own resources to the project. That contribution need not be monetary: it can be volunteer labor, donated materials or land, etc.

We believe that the local church -- and not the staff of the foundation in the United States --is better positioned to understand how to reach out to the poor in their communities. For this reason, we are not providing a list of the projects we would consider; rather, we are looking to the churches for their ideas.

We welcome and encourage innovation and creativity.